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Coronavirus vaccine bottles lined up on a stainless steel tray ready to be used in a vaccination campaign in Apucarana, Paraná
Brussels, Belgium. 21st December 2020. Exterior view of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company's offices.
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събота, юли 24, 2021

Етикет: Нигер

epa09032780 Police seal off a road during clashes with Niger's opposition supporters protesting against presidential run-off results in Niamey, Niger, 23 February 2021. According to provisional results published by the electoral commission the ruling party candidate Mohamed Bazoum has won the presidential elections with more than 55 percent of the vote.  EPA/SOULEYMANE AG ANARA

Десетки избити в Нигер от екстремисти на мотоциклети

Снимка: ЕПА Стрелци на мотоциклети атакуваха цивилни, които са се връщали от пазарен ден в нестабилен район в Нигер. Най-малко 58 души са убити. Нападателите опожариха и хамбари, информира АП, предава news.bg. ...

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